A bit more about North Summit Films....

Our website is just about to go fully live, so I thought I would add a little bit more background on what we are about and what else we do. North Summit Films is a new setup but certainly not our first! We have a sister film company ALTITUDE58 specialists in film and drones work. Have a look at some of the other work we have produced. 


We wanted our wedding films to be totally seperate, it's own entity. To be able to film and produce the creative style we love. 

This week we added to our film kit, equipment is always the hard bit on a job, the mix between being fast and capturing the shots compared to taking your time and making sure stabilisers, drones and mics are perfect and ready to go. So we have added a few magic items to North Summit Films that will make life alot easier when filming our weddings and give us more time for what's important... Which is you!  

Equipment update: Its all about the bride (and a mic!)

We are very passionate about audio, it totally changes a wedding film, I don’t mean generic audio a mic sat on top of a camera i mean dedicated top of the line audio. But there is a little issue with this….the BRIDE! how do you mic the bride? do you capture audio from the groom only? Well the answer is yes we have audio on the groom, and the registrar but to capture truly great audio from the bride is so important also which is where our new BRIDE MIC KIT comes into play. Yes we have thought of everything ;)

Professional audio kits, discreet and beautiful audio of your vows and speeches .

Professional audio kits, discreet and beautiful audio of your vows and speeches .

Any wedding / bride images used in this post are by photographer Michelle Ley Photography - truly amazing work, of and now also my wife!! :)